HAUNTING: On the Run - Supernatural Horror Action

Created by Phil Falco (Lifeline Comics)

A FEMME FATAL Ghost Hunter prepares to end our favorite bratty teenage necromancer's reign of terror. Permanently.

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Surveys Are Out + Digital Rewards
5 months ago – Tue, May 09, 2023 at 09:05:25 AM

We're happy to announce that the HAUNTING surveys have hit your inbox. Be sure to fill these out so we can get your rewards in your hands as soon as possible. Digital books will be automatically sent out once your survey is complete! (Hairology digital copies will be available next week)

And the news gets even better, we'll be starting fulfillment for physical rewards towards the end of this month. We can't wait for you to get this issue in your hands! It's been a true honor to work with the talented, Mauricio Mora, and I can't wait for you to see his take on the HAUNTING gang. 

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Phil has a new Kickstarter LIVE right now!

Twelve BRAND NEW romance stories from the worlds of some of the most popular LGBTQ+ Webtoon Canvas titles! Including a four page original story from Phil's WEBTOON, Slice of Life.

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Fulfillment Schedule!
5 months ago – Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 09:35:59 AM

We Crossed the Finish Line!

HAUNTING: On the Run hit its funding goal last Thursday night as the most funded HAUNTING campaign to date!

We ended with over 400 backers and $12,000 - unlocking Three Stretch Goals and Three Backer Goals! This means that we've added eight books to the Indie Comic Book Bundle, and that all Physical Tier backers will receive a Free Art Print AND a Free HAUNTING Trading Card!

A big "THANK YOU!" to everybody who supported and helped spread the word about this campaign! HAUNTING was the first comic I ever worked on, and it has a very special place in my heart. I'm eternally grateful to all of the supporters who make the continuation of this series possible. And I can't wait for you all to read this exciting new issue!!!

Fulfillment Schedule

We expect this to be one of our quickest Kickstarter fulfillment turnarounds. Here's our planned schedule to providing you with your Physical and Digital rewards:

Late April - All backers will receive the digital Indie Comic Book Bundle

Early May - BackerKit Reward Surveys + Digital Rewards

Late May - Physical Fulfillment Begins

Next Kickstarter: "Rainbow Canvas"

If you're looking for even more Kickstarter comics, the Pre-launch Page for my next project is now live - Rainbow Canvas: A Wholesome BL & GL WEBTOON Anthology!

Rainbow Canvas - A Wholesome B & GL WEBTOON Anthology

Collecting twelve BRAND NEW STORIES from the worlds of your favorite queer Webtoon Canvas series, this anthology is full of the wholesome, positive romance stories you've been looking for!

Follow the page to be notified when we launch:

Two Stretch Goals unlocked + a new Crossover Print
6 months ago – Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 07:36:07 AM

Stretch Goals #1-3

Over the weekend, we managed to blow through our first two Stretch Goals!

All Backers will now receive the Indie Bundle Expansion Pass, adding five more books to the Digital bundle that you'll be receiving!

And all Physical Backers (backers having rewards shipped to them) will receive a Free HAUNTING Trading Card! We absolutely love our Trading Cards, and it's one of our favorite items to offer as Add-ons! If you're lucky, you might even pull a RARE HOLO FOIL CARD!

If we manage to hit $11,000 before the campaign ends later this week, we'll unlock yet another Stretch Goal: a new "TV Time" Art Print for all Physical Backers!

Next Stretch Goal!

The print features art by Cassio Ribeiro and was actually used as a Variant Cover all the way back for issue #2 of HAUNTING. But this Art Print has a twist - it's a re-color of that Variant Cover!

Help spread the word about the series to make sure we unlock this awesome new print!

Cross-Promotional Print

Ever heard of a nine-way crossover print? Well you're about to!

I'm privileged to be part of a group of extremely talented creators who regularly share ideas and shoot the breeze about all things comics. And it just so happens that for the first time in a long time, eight members of this collective will have Kickstarter projects live around the same time!

We're not crazy enough to say that you need to back all eight campaigns to get this print. So instead, we're going with half! If you back four or more of the campaigns pictured, you'll get this wonderful print for free! Digital backers will get a high-res digital file. Physical backers will get a physical copy.

The pictured campaigns are as follows (for those that aren't live yet, I've linked to either a Pre-launch Page or to the creator's Kickstarter profile): "Crossover Division", "Night Wolf", "Sunmaker", "In the Land of the Dragon", "Tart", "Carmilla Unbound", "Like Father, Like Daughter", and "HAUNTING"!

You can count on every one of these books being amazing because this is a group of creators who routinely challenge one another to innovate and create the best Kickstarter comics around! Hope you'll consider checking them out to secure this print!

More Kickstarters

Let's end off with a couple of Kickstarters you should definitely check out!

Tart 15 - Deal With the Devil

We just mentioned Tart up above as one of the series involved in that massive crossover print. But let's spotlight them again here!

My friend and an incredibly talented creator, Kevin Joseph, is back on Kickstarter with the whopping FIFTEENTH INSTALLMENT of his demonic series, TART! This is one of the longest-running comics serialized entirely on Kickstarter and everybody should be checking it out ASAP!

A demonic serial killer is loose. Tart Acid must track it down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. But if this was an ordinary evil, Tart wouldn't be on the case. Can she succeed without help from a member of the ruling family of Hell?

Tart 15 - Deal with the Devil

Back it here:

Adventures of Clarity Girl: Comic Expo Special

From another friend and huge Kickstarter supporter, Chris Thomasa, comes an incredibly exciting Kickstarter Crossover!

Clarity Girl,  Ms Makeshift,  & The Scintillating Spider-Squirrel attend the world-famous Heroic Con. Looking forward to a day of signing autographs and meeting fans, they're fun gets cut short when a man that goes by "Inner Demon" arrives seeking the one thing the show floor doesn't offer... vengeance.

Clarity Girl

Back it here:

Funded + Stretch Goals + Backer Goals + Livestream
6 months ago – Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 09:37:37 AM


It's official: we hit our funding goal last night! 🎉

That means HAUNTING #5 is definitely happening, and you're guaranteed the rewards you pledged to receive! It also means that we can start talking about...

Our first Stretch Goal unlocks at $9,500 and will add another five books to the Indie Comic Book bundle!

We're only less than $400 away from unlocking this first Stretch Goal! Then we'll set our sights on some awesome Bonus Physical Items! But more on that later!


A quick reminder that TONIGHT (Thursday, 4/13) at 8 PM EST you can literally join us on our Q&A livestream!

Read all the information here.

Link to join the stream (Video, or just Audio if you prefer) to ask your question:

Video of the stream itself if you'd prefer just to watch along / ask questions in the chat:

More Kickstarters

Let's close out by talking about some more comic Kickstarters!

Grandma Chainsaw #1-2

Evil has a perm in this wild slasher comedy series of elderly proportions! When four friends get lost on vacation, they unluckily end up at Grandma Hazel's doorstep. Hazel seems innocent enough...until she breaks out the chainsaw!

By backing HAUNTING: On the Run, you're already getting a Digital PDF copy of Grandma Chainsaw #1 as part of the Indie Bundle! So this is the perfect opportunity to secure your copy of the continuation of the series!

Grandma Chainsaw #1-2

Back it here:

Cristabel Vol. 1

A 72-page full-color graphic novel written by Ringo Award-nominated writer Erica Schultzhe. Princess-turned-mercenary Cristabel is a formidable young warrior, but a chance encounter with a sorceress changes everything.

Having been banished from her father’s kingdom eight years prior on the order of her sorceress stepmother, Queen Geraldine, Cristabel travels in search of something that will break Geraldine's hold on King Leoline.

Along the way, Cristabel is reunited with her mentor, Wasiun, a disgraced knight from her father’s court, who was dismissed when he was outed as gay. As the old friends catch up, we learn that Geraldine has set the bewitched Leoline on the path to war with a neighboring territory. Hoping to rescue her father, Cristabel and Wasiun are joined by Roland, a charlatan with some real magic abilities. Together, the trio searches for the shaman who holds the key to killing Geraldine.

Cristabel #1

Back it here:

Join a Joint Q&A Livestream!
6 months ago – Mon, Apr 10, 2023 at 08:06:02 AM


My business partner, Kat Calamia, and I will be going live this Thursday, 4/13 at 8pm EST to discuss our Kickstarter projects - HAUNTING: On the Run & Like Father, Like Daughter: Grand Finale.

And for this stream, we're trying something different from any of our previous streams...we're inviting you to join us!

Backers will have access to a "Backstage" link and anyone who wants to join the stream can use the Streamyard link and wait for their turn to be brought on. You're free to introduce any topics about our comic properties, indie/non-indie comics, Kickstarters, your favorite media, etc.

Backers who join the stream are welcome to do so with Audio+Video, or just via Audio if you're more comfortable with that. And if you're up for joining the stream itself, we'll also have a live chat on the public video that you can use to introduce any topics as well!

Public Video Link:

Streamyard Link to join Backstage:

Hope to see you there this Thursday, 4/13 at 8pm EST!

More Kickstarters

Check out these Kickstarters!

Massacre at the Comic Shop

Massacre at the Comic Shop is a horror novel about a toxic fan killing off the regular customers at a local comic shop with a chainsaw. It's also about these regular customers, who they are, their relationships with each other and their thoughts and opinions. The book is narrated by the owner of the shop, Galaxy's Comics & Games.

Writer, Nick Ulanowski, is a massive horror fan. He and I have had many conversations about the wonderful and versatile genre in the past, and his passion for character-driven and exciting horror always shines through. We even discussed this book a year ago at C2E2 when he was still developing the idea! I have no doubt that this horror novel will be a fantastic read and a celebration of the genre, so be sure to check it out!

Massacre at the Comic Shop

Back the project here:


One of our good friends, Brant Fowler, is inching closer and closer to his goal! Everything that he puts our via Last Ember Press is top-notch quality (and spans a wide range of genres), so don't miss out on his Cyberpunk Action Thriller!

"What happens when you know the whole world wants to defeat you? It's simple: you fight the world! Nothing is stronger than love, except a bullet in the face. Kenzo is good at his job; he has always completed whatever mission he has been given. Sometimes you can't choose, though. Sometimes you can only follow your instincts and face the consequences. But the Dragon fears no one."

In the Land of the Dragon

Back it here: